Experts at Boyds talk funding for cell and gene therapy development

Dr Nick Meyers, Vice President of Product Development, and Dr Neil Fish, Vice President of Business Development, recently discussed the availability of funding for cell and gene therapy product development with Cell and Gene Therapy Insights.

The viewpoint article. ‘Funding the future: cell & gene therapy development’ features expert insights into securing funding in the current market, how organisations can differentiate themselves to attract investment and looking to the future in the area of cell and gene therapy.

Click here to read the full article on BioInsights: Cell and Gene Therapy Insights Journal. : ‘Funding the future: cell &
gene therapy development’ Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2023; 9(3), 295–298 DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2023.046

Our Product Development team have a wealth of experience in supporting emerging biotech companies preparing for investment, and the expertise to assist clients in planning and executing their development programmes. Contact a member of the Boyds team to find out how we can support your investment readiness.