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Interim Chief Medical Officer Support

Boyds’ team of experienced Pharmaceutical Physicians provides interim Chief Medical Officer (CMO) support to biotechs, helping to bridge the gap for those seeking to fill the role permanently, or working with those where there is not yet a full-time role to fill.

We know that it is increasingly difficult to recruit the right person to have in-house, which is why we can offer a flexible solution to meet your needs, providing you with as much or as little time as you require.

The role of a Chief Medical Officer is a complex one and requires the ability to balance responsibilities both internally as the primary decision maker when it comes to scientific interpretation and patient safety, and externally in terms of credibility. Our team has the technical expertise and skills needed to support the progress of your drug candidates as they move through the clinic.

Working with you and your team, the interim CMO will provide leadership and direction, oversee clinical trials and represent your company when engaging with investors and the regulatory authorities. Whether you are waiting to find the right individual to fill the CMO role or are not currently in need of a full-time permanent hire, the team at Boyds can provide experienced, flexible resource as your interim CMO. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with interim support.

Our interim CMOs can balance leadership with operational delivery and offer support across many areas, including:

  • Clinical trial oversight
  • Building and matrix manage the team you need both internally and externally
  • Setting out and delivering clinical development plans and medical strategy
  • Providing technical and medical expertise across the company
  • Providing practical and strategic regulatory support, handling all interactions with the regulators and filing INDs
  • Scoping the competitor landscape for your clinical programs and pipeline
  • Maintaining budgetary control for clinical operations, medical affairs and patient advocacy
  • Representing your company in meetings with external stakeholders such as partners and investors
Need an experienced Pharmaceutical Physician to bridge the gap and provide flexible leadership and CMO support?

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