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Support for Medical Directors and Chief Medical Officers

Our highly experienced team at Boyds understands the challenges faced by Medical Directors and Chief Medical Officers each day.

It is important for Medical Directors and CMOs to receive the correct support to enable them to succeed in their role, and also navigate the challenges, and complexities of leading a high-performing medical department.

Whether it is a start up or multinational, having a successful medical department requires a strong leader with excellent communication and relationship-building skills as well as confidence with external stakeholders such as senior government officials. That’s why the team of pharmaceutical physicians at Boyds is on hand to help you develop the crucial skills, competencies, attitudes and behaviors needed to run a successful medical department.

We understand that the role of Medical Director or CMO can be lonely at times. However, with the right mentor working alongside you as a sounding board, we can provide you with bespoke support, technical capability training and development, coaching and mentoring to support and refine your personal, leadership and business skills.

Boyds provide the following support to the role of Medical Directors and CMOs:

  • Reviewing and optimizing the structure of your medical department
  • Managing and developing team members
  • Managing urgent safety issues
  • Advising on regulatory matters such as product recall
  • Addressing ABPI complaints and PMCPA appeals
  • Stakeholder management
  • Developing and delivering competitive and compelling medical plans to drive performance
  • Scientific engagement and medical share of voice including appropriate measures
  • Governance frameworks
  • Conducting and overseeing audits
  • Clinical development and management of clinical studies
  • Managing all aspects of medical affairs
  • Collaborative working
  • Early access to medicines
  • Real-world data and evidence generation
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