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Investor Readiness

The team at Boyds is experienced in supporting early-stage and start-up companies with the preparation needed to ensure investor readiness, which it offers through its B-investor ready service.

For many early-stage and start-up biotech companies, a key consideration is how to raise the funding required to help progress their programs. The competition for investment is fierce, with investors receiving hundreds of pitch decks every week; being able to stand out and ensure your ask is compelling can be a challenge.

Boyds brings a wealth of experience in supporting early-stage companies, and knows what investors are looking for, how to approach the fundraising process, and how to develop and deliver a compelling pitch that will resonate and attract investment.

By working with Boyds and preparing to B-investor-ready, clients benefit from having access to a highly experienced team focused on supporting them through the fundraising process, and beyond into development.

How Boyds can help companies B-investor-ready:

Working with Boyds to support with investor readiness can save you time and effort, helping expedite the process to secure the funding needed to progress your development program.

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Biotech start-up

Biotech Start-up Support

Speaking with experts who have worked with many different companies and have experience of what works and what doesn’t, can significantly accelerate the development of your new medicine. The team at Boyds has extensive experience in supporting emerging biotech companies, and the expertise to assist clients in planning and executing their development programs, as well as ensuring they are ready for investment.

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