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My Development TEAM

Your expert team without the hassle and cost of recruitment.

My Development TEAM is a bespoke service available to start-ups and early-stage biotech companies looking to bring in the right development support in a cost-effective and flexible way.

For start-ups and early-stage companies, getting your product to the point of partnering or to market, is a long, complex and expensive process, and with the added challenges of securing funding, building the right team around you with the required skills and expertise can be prohibitive to the success of your program (s).

This is where Boyds can help. We have developed a flexible, outsourced service to support your drug development program.

What we offer:

A flexible approach that gives you access to an expert team dedicated to your program.

Why choose Boyds?

Over the past 6 years, our experienced product development team has worked on 25 development programs across all stages of drug development, with different treatment modalities and across multiple therapeutic areas.

We understand the challenges facing start-ups and early-stage companies seeking to translate their ideas into medicinal products and have a track record in helping companies to navigate the hurdles and maximize the opportunities to get their products to market.

Within Boyds, we also have extensive regulatory, clinical operations, and medical expertise which we can tap into as and when required to support your program (s).

As you become more established and your projects progress, you may wish to expand your in-house development team. We can support a seamless transition, helping you to bring in the people, skills and expertise to move your project forward and succeed.

Development team

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