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Dr Nick Meyers is an experienced Programme Director and Project Leader, with over 25 years’ experience within the industry, working in large pharma, biotech and the CRO sector, delivering internally-resourced and out-sourced projects involving multi-disciplinary teams spanning different companies and geographies.

On moving into industry in the mid-1990s, Nick spent eight years with SmithKline Beecham leading internal research projects and collaborations with academic groups, working and publishing in a number of diverse fields (e.g., oral microbiology, dermatology, hepatology), followed by 12 years working in two small, virtual biotech companies in the UK (Alizyme Therapeutics Ltd and Phytopharm plc), where he was responsible, respectively, for the development of novel small molecules for the treatment of IBS-C & IBS-A and Parkinson’s disease & ALS, taking those assets from pre-clinical development through late-stage clinical trials. 

Nick has also worked for the global CRO, PPD Ltd, providing programme management support for biotech and small pharma companies developing small molecule and biologics for the treatment of airway diseases; and with Daiichi Sankyo Development, providing programme management expertise and project leadership for two products being developed for the treatment of pain indications, and a product being developed for the treatment of asthma.

The breadth and depth of Nick’s R&D experience is considerable, spanning CMC, non-clinical, clinical and regulatory. Throughout his career Nick has worked in close collaboration with commercial colleagues and has previously been closely involved in licensing activities, establishing relationships with pharma partners and authoring patent applications/maintaining patent portfolios.

Nick is now VP and Head of the Product Development group at Boyds, which encompasses programme management, supporting client companies strategically and operationally, with their development programmes. The group also undertakes a range of other kinds of projects, including expert reports, technical and commercial due diligence, operational support for start-up companies, academic spin-outs.

Nick’s industry career was preceded by an academic career as a senior research fellow in virology within the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge and with the AFRC Institutes of Animal Health. Nick received his PhD in bacterial genetics in 1990, from the University of Cranfield.

Dr Nick Meyers

Dr Nick Meyers PhD

Vice President, Product Development

T +44 (0)1270 270010