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Case study:

Expansion of oncology clinical programme into other indications


The client came to Boyds with an exciting cell therapy programme that released its active molecule selectively in solid tumour cells. The client wanted to expand their programme from the current subsection of tumours into other indications with a strong scientific rationale paired with an understanding of disease prevalence, history of the patient pathway, current standard of care and the future competitive landscape.

The client also asked about potential combination products based on the mode of action of their drug and any potential synergies with existing products.

Boyds approach

A team of experienced medics and scientists from Boyds were brought together and the project was broken down into a series of discreet tasks, these were taken on by the different specialisms within the Boyds team.

An experienced pre-clinical scientist researched the mechanism of action for the client’s product and the potential synergistic opportunities there were with current cancer therapies, along with preclinical models. A pharmaceutical physician reviewed the solid tumour landscape, assessing the opportunities and feasibility of clinical trials in the patient population. This included a transparent scoring system of tumour types, a review of current clinical data and ongoing studies. i.e. Epidemiology, prognosis for the patients and commercial viability of these diseases.

Impact and Outcomes

The Boyds team delivered a strong series of options for the client investigating combination therapeutic options and new indications prioritised based on previously discussed criteria. The client was impressed by our work and returned with further questions on how to refine their opportunities by choosing the most appropriate animal models to test combination therapies and new indications.

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