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Experienced Leadership to Drive your Drug Development Project Forward

Engaging an experienced Pharmaceutical Project Leader who has delivered drug programmes through the various stages of the development pipeline improves the likelihood of effectively navigating the potential challenges.

The team at Boyds initiate the required discussions at the right time within the project team and know which external parties with specific scientific expertise to bring in to aid with any queries. This allows Boyds to move your programmes forward rapidly and minimise costs, without compromising on quality.

Experienced Professionals

Boyds has considerable experience leading R&D programmes within the pharma, biotech and CRO sector(s), giving us a deep understanding of how to develop different classes of medicinal products and other products (e.g., drug-device combinations), as well as the potential pitfalls that can and will inevitably occur along the way. This gives us the foresight to plan for issues, know how to circumvent them where possible and address them correctly and efficiently when they occur.

Identifying and Managing External Scientific Experts

Leadership isn’t just about knowing all the answers, it’s about knowing who to ask to provide the answer. Our experienced programme leaders have a wide network of scientific experts who can be called upon to advise in specific situations, or for projects at a specific stage of development.

Advice on Company Development Strategy and Execution

We work closely with academic groups in the process of ‘spinning out’ of a university sector, and with fledgling spin-outs, advising on hiring policy, helping to identify lab/office space and assisting with fundraising, through development planning, constructing information packs and pitch decks through to presenting development strategy to potential investors in a consultant or interim R&D Director role. All these attributes require strategic thinking and scenario planning, which comes with experience.

Utilising Medical Expertise in Early-stage Development

Not all companies with a novel technology that could be developed into a medicinal product or a platform technology have a founder that is a physician or a medically qualified member on the senior management team. This does not necessarily represent an obstacle, however, involving a pharmaceutical physician familiar with the intended clinical indication early during a programme can have major advantages e.g., planning an appropriate nonclinical programme, developing high-quality and innovative early phase clinical studies.


Boyds has an experienced team of clinicians led by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Karen Mullen (ex-GSK) who are also able to advise on programmes from a medical-scientific perspective, for example, with regard to treatment pathways and positioning of an investigational medicine within the existing framework and advising from an end-users’ point of view both of which will have a bearing on a products, target product profile.

Get in touch with the team at Boyds to discuss an integrated programme management approach to accelerate drug development.