Interim Programme Management Support

Drug discovery can be fast-paced, with internal and external development activities proceeding in parallel. This requires dedicated project/programme management to integrate CMC, preclinical, clinical and regulatory strategies to ensure that the team are aligned on milestones. An integrated development plan should be devised so that critical steps are not missed, timelines can be tracked transparently, and appropriate risk assessment and mitigation strategies are in place.

It can be challenging within smaller companies to rapidly address the need for a full or part-time Programme Manager. We understand it can take time to recruit the right candidate with the appropriate span of experience and expertise to join the team.

Boyds are well versed in supporting new projects at any stage of development and in any size company, be it a university spin-out, virtual biotech or small/medium biotech. The team at Boyds are highly skilled to assure they can rapidly gain a deep understanding of your drug development programme and ensure appropriate project management tools are put in place, enabling the smooth progression of your project.

Whether you need a full-time interim Programme Manager to fill a short period whilst you recruit, or a part-time role over a longer term, Boyds can provide interim programme management support that can be tailored to you based on the demands of the project(s).

Get in touch with the team at Boyds to discuss bespoke interim programme management support to accelerate your drug development.