IBD & Tea: building trust in new treatments

Professor Alan Boyd took part in ‘ IBD & Tea’, a recent online debate focused on building trust in new treatments and understanding clinical trials, conducted as part of the New Deal project.

In Europe, over two million people are affected by ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, conditions that are characterised by an inflammation of the bowel. They occur when cells from the immune system become activated and react against contents of the intestine, leaving the patients with fatigue, abdominal pain and severe diarrhoea, blood in stools or even with life-threatening complications such as bowel perforation, bleeding, and in long-standing disease an increased risk of cancer.

Boyds has been working with New Deal and a team of European partners on a nanotherapy research project into the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

The IBD & Tea debate, covered building trust in new treatments, understanding clinical trials and how the medicines development process works. Alan joined Tina Aswani-Omprakash, a Crohn’s patient with experience of clinical trials as well as a patient advocate for chronic illnesses and disabilities and author of the blog ‘Own your Crohns’, and medical IBD expert Professor Fernando Gomollón.

To watch the debate in full, click below.