Reflecting on my first six months at Boyds – a blog by Dr Neil Fish

Dr Neil Fish joined Boyds in November 2021 as Vice President of Business Development, and has subsequently established the business development function, bringing in the required skills and best practise to support the development of new opportunities for Boyds. In his blog, Neil reflects on his first six months. My first six months at Boyds […]

Progress of cell and gene therapies

Huge leaps forward in the development of cell and gene therapies have been made over the past few years, progressing the development of new treatments for diseases that were considered untreatable only a decade ago. In recent weeks there has been a significant flow of positive news about different types of advanced therapies.  It was […]

UK continues to lead in Advanced Therapies

The latest data on Advanced Therapy clinical trials has been released by the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult recently (March 2022), showing that the UK was delivering 12% of the total ATMP clinical trials globally1. There is continued steady growth from 2017 to 2021 with the latest full-year having 168 trials ongoing versus 154 in […]

National DNA Day: Gene Therapy – The future has arrived.

National DNA Day focuses on the successful completion of the Human Genome Project back in 2003, as well as the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953.  The aim of National DNA Day is to offer students, teachers and the public an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the latest advances in genomic research and explore […]

World Cancer Day: The future of cancer treatment and the health equity gap

World Cancer Day is held every year on 4 February to raise worldwide awareness and globally unite in the fight against cancer. The awareness day has created a positive movement globally, educating and paving the way to a world where millions of preventable cancer deaths are saved and access to treatment and care is available for […]

US Agent Services

The Code of Federal Regulations, specifically 21 CFR § 207.69, requires all domestic and foreign companies to have an official contact located in the US in order to act as the primary contact with the FDA and liaise between the FDA and the sponsor company for all communications. Specifically for non-US (foreign) entities, any company […]

Siobhan Gaynor: From Drug Developer to Patient

For Siobhan Gaynor, a love of science, and the workings of the body, medicine and the disease process, has underpinned a 30-year career in drug development. But earlier this year, this knowledge and experience informed the very toughest of personal decisions for Siobhan following her diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Siobhan Gaynor’s love of biology […]

Advanced therapies in the UK

Across the UK, and indeed the world, there is significant growth and clinical progress being made in the field of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). In this article, Ian Hollingsworth, Associate Director of Product Development at Boyds explores the changing landscape of ATMPs in the UK. ATMPs comprise of gene therapies, somatic cell therapies and […]

A brave new world for medical technologies

Boyds’ Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Julie Warner, has co-edited an article in the October issue of the TOPRA journal, Regulatory Rapporteur, which focuses on medical technologies. The following article, A brave new world for medical technologies, was published in Regulatory Rapporteur, Volume 18, issue 10, October 2021. By Julie Warner, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, […]

Supporting the creation of new biotech companies from academia

With the launch of Axovia Therapeutics, a biotech company in the gene therapy space, Dr. Nick Meyers, VP and Head of Product Development & Programme Management at Boyds reflects on the team’s involvement in the company’s formation. With recent advances in bioengineering and genetics, the therapeutic options for treating genetic diseases, especially monogenic diseases have […]